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set the tree that describes the hierarchy of non-conforming mesh points. This routine also creates the point-to-point constraints determined by the tree: a point is constained to the points in the closure of its tree root.


#include "petscdmplex.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexSetTree(DM dm, PetscSection parentSection, PetscInt parents[], PetscInt childIDs[])
Collective on dm

Input Parameters

dm - the DMPlex object
parentSection - a section describing the tree: a point has a parent if it has 1 dof in the section; the section offset indexes the parent and childID list; the reference count of parentSection is incremented
parents - a list of the point parents; copied, can be destroyed
childIDs - identifies the relationship of the child point to the parent point; if there is a reference tree, then the child corresponds to the point in the reference tree with index childIDs; copied, can be destroyed

See Also

DMPlexGetTree(), DMPlexSetReferenceTree(), DMPlexSetAnchors(), DMPlexGetTreeParent(), DMPlexGetTreeChildren()






DMPlexSetTree_Internal in src/dm/impls/plex/plextree.c

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