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Create a mesh with hybrid cells along an internal interface


#include "petscdmplex.h"    
#include "petscdmlabel.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexCreateHybridMesh(DM dm, DMLabel label, DMLabel bdlabel, DMLabel *hybridLabel, DMLabel *splitLabel, DM *dmInterface, DM *dmHybrid)
Collective on dm

Input Parameters

dm - The original DM
label - The label specifying the interface vertices
bdlabel - The optional label specifying the interface boundary vertices

Output Parameters

hybridLabel - The label fully marking the interface, or NULL if no output is desired
splitLabel - The label containing the split points, or NULL if no output is desired
dmInterface - The new interface DM, or NULL
dmHybrid - The new DM with cohesive cells

Note: The hybridLabel indicates what parts of the original mesh impinged on the on division surface. For points directly on the division surface, they are labeled with their dimension, so an edge 7 on the division surface would be 7 (1) in hybridLabel. For points that impinge from the positive side, they are labeled with 100+dim, so an edge 6 with one vertex 3 on the surface would be 6 (101) and 3 (0) in hybridLabel. If an edge 9 from the negative side of the surface also hits vertex 3, it would be 9 (-101) in hybridLabel.

The splitLabel indicates what points in the new hybrid mesh were the result of splitting points in the original mesh. The label value is +=100+dim for each point. For example, if two edges 10 and 14 in the hybrid resulting from splitting an edge in the original mesh, you would have 10 (101) and 14 (-101) in the splitLabel.

The dmInterface is a DM built from the original division surface. It has a label which can be retrieved using DMPlexGetSubpointMap() which maps each point back to the point in the surface of the original mesh.

See Also

DMPlexConstructCohesiveCells(), DMPlexLabelCohesiveComplete(), DMPlexGetSubpointMap(), DMCreate()




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