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Check that points on inter-partition interfaces have conforming order of cone points. For example, if there is an edge (rank,index)=(0,2) connecting points cone(0,2)=[(0,0),(0,1)] in this order, and the point SF containts connections 0 <- (1,0), 1 <- (1,1) and 2 <- (1,2), then this check would pass if the edge (1,2) has cone(1,2)=[(1,0),(1,1)]. By contrast, if cone(1,2)=[(1,1),(1,0)], then this check would fail.


#include "petscdmplex.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexCheckConesConformOnInterfaces(DM dm)

Input Parameters

dm -The DMPlex object

Note: This is mainly intended for debugging/testing purposes. Does not check cone orientation, for this purpose use DMPlexCheckFaces().

Developer Note: Interface cones are expanded into vertices and then their coordinates are compared.

See Also

DMPlexGetCone(), DMPlexGetConeSize(), DMGetPointSF(), DMGetCoordinates(), DMPlexCheckFaces(), DMPlexCheckPointSF(), DMPlexCheckSymmetry(), DMPlexCheckSkeleton()




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