petsc-3.11.4 2019-09-28
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set the symmetries for the orientations of a stratum


#include "petscdmlabel.h"   
#include "petscis.h"        
PetscErrorCode PetscSectionSymLabelSetStratum(PetscSectionSym sym, PetscInt stratum, PetscInt size, PetscInt minOrient, PetscInt maxOrient, PetscCopyMode mode, const PetscInt **perms, const PetscScalar **rots)
Logically collective on PetscSectionSym


See Also

PetscSectionSymCreate(), PetscSectionSetSym(), PetscSectionGetPointSyms(), PetscSectionSymCreateLabel()




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sys - the section symmetries
stratum - the stratum value in the label that we are assigning symmetries for
size - the number of dofs for points in the stratum of the label
minOrient - the smallest orientation for a point in this stratum
maxOrient - one greater than the largest orientation for a ppoint in this stratum (i.e., orientations are in the range [minOrient, maxOrient))
mode - how sym should copy the perms and rots arrays
perms - NULL if there are no permutations, or (maxOrient - minOrient) permutations, one for each orientation. A NULL permutation is the identity + rots - NULL if there are no rotations, or (maxOrient - minOrient) sets of rotations, one for each orientation. A NULL set of orientations is the identity