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Sets the array used to hold the convergence history.


#include "petsctao.h" 
PetscErrorCode TaoSetConvergenceHistory(Tao tao, PetscReal obj[], PetscReal resid[], PetscReal cnorm[], PetscInt lits[], PetscInt na,PetscBool reset)
Logically Collective on Tao

Input Parameters

tao - the Tao solver context
obj - array to hold objective value history
resid - array to hold residual history
cnorm - array to hold constraint violation history
lits - integer array holds the number of linear iterations for each Tao iteration
na - size of obj, resid, and cnorm
reset - PetscTrue indicates each new minimization resets the history counter to zero, else it continues storing new values for new minimizations after the old ones


If set, TAO will fill the given arrays with the indicated information at each iteration. If 'obj','resid','cnorm','lits' are *all* NULL then space (using size na, or 1000 if na is PETSC_DECIDE or PETSC_DEFAULT) is allocated for the history. If not all are NULL, then only the non-NULL information categories will be stored, the others will be ignored.

Any convergence information after iteration number 'na' will not be stored.

This routine is useful, e.g., when running a code for purposes of accurate performance monitoring, when no I/O should be done during the section of code that is being timed.

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