petsc-3.10.5 2019-03-28
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Moves the file pointer on a PETSc binary file.


PetscErrorCode  PetscBinarySeek(int fd,off_t off,PetscBinarySeekType whence,off_t *offset)
Not Collective

Input Parameters

fd - the file
off - number of bytes to move. Use PETSC_BINARY_INT_SIZE, PETSC_BINARY_SCALAR_SIZE, etc. in your calculation rather than sizeof() to compute byte lengths.
whence - if PETSC_BINARY_SEEK_SET then off is an absolute location in the file if PETSC_BINARY_SEEK_CUR then off is an offset from the current location if PETSC_BINARY_SEEK_END then off is an offset from the end of file

Output Parameter

offset -new offset in file


Integers are stored on the file as 32 long, regardless of whether they are stored in the machine as 32 or 64, this means the same binary file may be read on any machine. Hence you CANNOT use sizeof() to determine the offset or location.

See Also

PetscBinaryRead(), PetscBinaryWrite(), PetscBinaryOpen(), PetscBinarySynchronizedWrite(), PetscBinarySynchronizedRead(),




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