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Sets the list of local edges (vertex connectivity) for the network


#include "petscdmnetwork.h"  
PetscErrorCode DMNetworkSetEdgeList(DM dm,PetscInt *edgelist[],PetscInt *edgelistCouple[])
Logically collective on DM

Input Parameters

dm - the dm object
edgelist - list of edges for each subnetwork
edgelistCouple - list of edges for each coupling subnetwork


There is no copy involved in this operation, only the pointer is referenced. The edgelist should not be destroyed before the call to DMNetworkLayoutSetUp

Example usage

Consider the following 2 separate networks and a coupling network

 network 0: v0 -> v1 -> v2 -> v3
 network 1: v1 -> v2 -> v0
 coupling network: network 1: v2 -> network 0: v0

The resulting input edgelist[0] = [0 1 | 1 2 | 2 3]; edgelist[1] = [1 2 | 2 0] edgelistCouple[0] = [(network)1 (v)2 (network)0 (v)0].

See Also

DMNetworkCreate, DMNetworkSetSizes




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