petsc-3.10.5 2019-03-28
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Get PetscSFs that relate the pre-adaptation forest to the post-adaptation forest. Adaptation can be any combination of refinement, coarsening, repartition, and change of overlap, so there may be some cells of the pre-adaptation that are parents of post-adaptation cells, and vice versa. Therefore there are two PetscSFs: one that relates pre-adaptation coarse cells to post-adaptation fine cells, and one that relates pre-adaptation fine cells to post-adaptation coarse cells.


#include "petscdmforest.h" 
#include "petscdm.h" 
#include "petscdmlabel.h" 
PetscErrorCode DMForestGetAdaptivitySF(DM dm, PetscSF *preCoarseToFine, PetscSF *coarseToPreFine)
Not collective

Input Parameter

dm - the post-adaptation forest

Output Parameter

preCoarseToFine - pre-adaptation coarse cells to post-adaptation fine cells: BCast goes from pre- to post- coarseToPreFine - post-adaptation coarse cells to pre-adaptation fine cells: BCast goes from post- to pre-

See Also

DMForestGetComputeAdaptivitySF(), DMForestSetComputeAdaptivitySF()




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