petsc-3.10.5 2019-03-28
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Evaluate the basis functions and their derivatives (jet) at each point


#include "petscfe.h"  
PetscErrorCode PetscSpaceEvaluate(PetscSpace sp, PetscInt npoints, const PetscReal points[], PetscReal B[], PetscReal D[], PetscReal H[])

Input Parameters

sp - The PetscSpace
npoints - The number of evaluation points, in reference coordinates
points - The point coordinates

Output Parameters

B - The function evaluations in a npoints x nfuncs array
D - The derivative evaluations in a npoints x nfuncs x dim array
H - The second derivative evaluations in a npoints x nfuncs x dim x dim array

Note: Above nfuncs is the dimension of the space, and dim is the spatial dimension. The coordinates are given on the reference cell, not in real space.

See Also

PetscFEGetTabulation(), PetscFEGetDefaultTabulation(), PetscSpaceCreate()






PetscSpaceEvaluate_Point in src/dm/dt/space/impls/point/spacepoint.c
PetscSpaceEvaluate_Polynomial in src/dm/dt/space/impls/poly/spacepoly.c
PetscSpaceEvaluate_Subspace in src/dm/dt/space/impls/subspace/spacesubspace.c
PetscSpaceEvaluate_Tensor in src/dm/dt/space/impls/tensor/spacetensor.c

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