Current/Former Supervisees/Postdocs/Students

At Argonne (reverse time of graduation)

At the University of Chicago (reverse time of graduation)

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Amanda Lenzi (2019-present). Research Topic: "Space-time statistics"
  • Anirudh Subramanyam (2018-present). Research Topic: "Optimization under Uncertainty".
  • Johannes Brust (2018-present). Research Topic: "Structured quasi-Newton methods".
  • Youngdae Kim (2018-present). Research Topic: "Real-time Optimization".
  • Brian Dandurand (2017-present). Research Topic: "Stochastic Programming" (with Kibaek Kim).
  • Ahmed Attia (2017-2019). Research Topic: "Data Assimilation". (with Emil Constantinescu) In 2019: Scientist at Argonne
  • Vishwas Hebbur Vankata Rao (2017-2019). Research Topic: "Data Assimilation" (with Emil Constantinescu). In 2019: Scientist at Argonne.
  • Adrian Maldonado (2017-2019). Research Topic: "Uncertainty Propagation through Dynamic Transients." In 2019: Scientist at Argonne.
  • Feng Qiang (2015-2017). Research Topic:"Stochastic Programming". In 2017: Employment in industry (China).
  • Michel Schanen (2015-2017). Research Topic:"Parallel Methods for Adjoint Computations". In 2017: staff scientist at Argonne.
  • Charlotte Haley (2014-2017). Research Topic:"Spatio-Temporal Statistics". In 2017: staff Scientist at Argonne.
  • Julie Bessac (2014-2017). Research Topic:"Spatio-Temporal Statistics". (with Emil Constantinescu). In 2017, staff Scientist at Argonne.
  • Zhen Zhang (2014-2015). Research Topic:"Uncertainty Quantification". In 2016, Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara.
  • Francois Gilbert (2014-2017). Research Topic:"Scalable Dynamic Optimization". In 2017: Amazon.
  • Hong Zhang (2014-2016). Research Topic: "Adjoints for Energy Systems". In 2016, staff Scientist at Argonne.
  • Linyun Liang (2013-2016). Research Topic. Research Topic: "Phase Field Models". In 2018: Faculty at Beihang University, Beijing, China.
  • Ilias Bilionis (2013-2014). Research Topic. Research Topic: "Spatio-temporal statistical models for Solar and Wind Power". In 2014: Assistant Professor at Purdue University.
  • Jie Chen (2010-2014). Research Topic: \Numerical Linear Algebra for Gaussian Process Simulation". In 2014: Staff Scientist at IBM.
  • Drew Khouri (2012-2013, Wilkinson Fellow). Research Topic: "Uncertainty Quantification and Optimization". In 2013: Staff Scientist at Sandia National Laboratory.
  • Jungho Lee (2010-2013, co-advised with Barry Smith). Research Topic: "Variational Inequalities in the Simulation of Heterogeneous Materials". In 2013, at Citibank's Fixed Income group.
  • Lei Wang (2010-2013). Research Topic: Variational Inequalities in the Simulation of Heterogeneous Materials". In 2013: Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
  • Oleg Roderick (2009-2012). Research Topic: Hybrid Sampling-Sensitivity Approaches for Nuclear Reactors". In 2012: scientist at Argonne.
  • Cosmin Petra (2009-2012). Research Topic: "Stochastic Programming". Currently, In 2012: scientist at Argonne.
  • Xiaoyan Zeng (2008-2012). Research Topic: "Uncertainty Analysis in Chemical Plant Safety and Climate". In 2012, Assistant Professor at Shanghai University.
  • Emil Constantinescu (2008-2010, Wilkinson Fellow). Research Topic: "Uncertainty Quantification". In 2010: Computational Mathematician, Argonne National Laboratory.
  • Victor Zavala (2008-2010 Research Topic: Optimization of Hybrid Energy Systems". In 2010 Scientist at Argonne. In 2019, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin.
  • Dan Negrut (2004-2005, guest researcher). Research Topic: \"Scalable Multiscale Methods for Orbital-Free Density Functional Theory " In 2005: Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin. In 2019, Professor at the University of Wisconsin.

Predoctoral Fellows/RD1

  • Paul Beckman, 2019 -- present
  • Jacob Roth, 2018 -- present
  • Chris Geoga, 2016 -- present.
  • Miles Lubin, 2011-2012.

Ph.D Students

  • Sen Na, UChicago (PhD 2021, expected).
  • Xialiang Do, UChicago (PhD 2021, expected).
  • Jing Yu, UChicago, (Ph.D 2019). In 2019: Citibank
  • Vivak Patel, UChicago (Ph.D 2018). In 2018 Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison).
  • Wanting Xu, UChicago (with M. Stein; Ph.D 2017) In 2019:  Morgan Stanley.

M.s. Students

  • Jisung Hwang, 2020, expected, MS
  • Jess Kunke, 2020, expected, MS
  • Albert Lam, 2019, MS
  • Jacob Roth, 2018, MS.
  • Shan Lu, 2017, MS.
  • Yuchen Su, 2017, MS.
  • Tom Hen, 2017, MS,
  • David Francis McDiarmid 2013, MS.
  • Miles Lubin 2011, MS.

At Pitt