PAISE 2023

5th Workshop on Parallel AI and Systems for the Edge

PAISE 2023 will be an interaction-focused workshop, co-conducted with IPDPS 2023 on 19 May in St. Petersburg, Florida USA.

Final Program (All times in EDT)

IntroductionIntroductory Remarks - PAISE Organizers9:00 AM9:10 AM10
Session 1Services Orchestration at the Edge and in the Cloud for Energy-Aware Precision Beekeeping Systems. Hugo Hadjur, Doreid Ammar and Laurent Lefevre9:10 AM9:35 AM25
A Lightweight Concept Drift Detection Method for On-Device Learning on Resource-Limited Edge Devices. Takeya Yamada and Hiroki Matsutani9:35 AM10:00 AM25
Break - 110:00 AM10:10 AM10
Session 2Distributed On-Demand Deployment for Transparent Access to 5G Edge Computing Services. Josef Hammer and Hermann Hellwagner10:10 AM10:35 AM25
Invited Talk: Serverless Computing and Edge Programming Models. Marcin Copik, ETH Z├╝rich10:35 AM11:00 AM25
Break - 211:00 AM11:10 AM10
Session 3Fast and Accurate: Machine Learning Techniques for Performance Estimation of CNNs for GPGPUs. Christopher A. Metz, Mehran Goli and Rolf Drechsler11:10 AM11:35 AM25
Invited Talk: Scalable Edge Cyberinfrastructure for Science-driven AI Workflows. Yongho Kim, Argonne Nat'l Laboratory11:35 AM12:00 PM25
Lunch12:00 PM1:00 PM60
ForumOpen Forum1:00 PM2:00 PM60
Break - 32:00 PM2:05 PM5
Session 4Invited Talk: Unsupervised Learning on Bird Calls. Samir Rajani and Dario Dematties Reyes2:05 PM2:30 PM25
Domain-Aware Scalable Distributed Training for Geo-Spatiotemporal Data. Aishwarya Sarkar, Jien Zhang, Chaoqun Lu, Ali Jannesari2:30 PM2:55 PM25
ConclusionClosing Remarks - PAISE Organizers2:55 PM3:00 PM5
The talks will be 18-20 min followed by 5-7 min for discussions. At PAISE we want the discussions to be bidirectional - both the presenter(s) answering questions from the audience, and allowing the community to provide ideas / thoughts to the presenter's questions. We hope that it will foster more discussions and engagement among attendees.

General Chairs

Workshop Organizers