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Anderson Mixing method.

Options Database

-snes_anderson_m - Number of stored previous solutions and residuals
-snes_anderson_beta - Anderson mixing parameter
-snes_anderson_restart_type - Type of restart (see SNESNGMRES)
-snes_anderson_restart_it - Number of iterations of restart conditions before restart
-snes_anderson_restart - Number of iterations before periodic restart
-snes_anderson_monitor - Prints relevant information about the ngmres iteration


The Anderson Mixing method combines m previous solutions into a minimum-residual solution by solving a small linearized optimization problem at each iteration.

Very similar to the SNESNGMRES algorithm.


1. - D. G. Anderson. Iterative procedures for nonlinear integral equations. J. Assoc. Comput. Mach., 12, 1965."
2. - Peter R. Brune, Matthew G. Knepley, Barry F. Smith, and Xuemin Tu,"Composing Scalable Nonlinear Algebraic Solvers", SIAM Review, 57(4), 2015

See Also

SNESNGMRES, SNESCreate(), SNES, SNESSetType(), SNESType (for list of available types)




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