petsc-3.7.7 2017-09-25
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sets the upper and lower bounds to be used in plotting


#include "petscdraw.h" 
#include "petscviewer.h" 
PetscErrorCode  PetscViewerDrawSetBounds(PetscViewer viewer,PetscInt nbounds,const PetscReal *bounds)
Collective on PetscViewer

Input Parameters

viewer - the PetscViewer (created with PetscViewerDrawOpen())
nbounds - number of plots that can be made with this viewer, for example the dof passed to DMDACreate()
bounds - the actual bounds, the size of this is 2*nbounds, the values are stored in the order min F_0, max F_0, min F_1, max F_1, .....

Options Database

-draw_bounds minF0,maxF0,minF1,maxF1 -

Notes: this determines the colors used in 2d contour plots generated with VecView() for DMDA in 2d. Any values in the vector below or above the bounds are moved to the bound value before plotting. In this way the color index from color to physical value remains the same for all plots generated with this viewer. Otherwise the color to physical value meaning changes with each new image if this is not set.

See Also

PetscViewerDrawGetLG(), PetscViewerDrawGetAxis(), PetscViewerDrawOpen()

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