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Sets a subvector of a vector defined by a starting point and a stride with a given value


#include "petscvec.h" 
PetscErrorCode  VecStrideSet(Vec v,PetscInt start,PetscScalar s)
Logically Collective on Vec

Input Parameter

v - the vector
start - starting point of the subvector (defined by a stride)
s - value to set for each entry in that subvector


One must call VecSetBlockSize() before this routine to set the stride information, or use a vector created from a multicomponent DMDA.

This will only work if the desire subvector is a stride subvector

See Also

VecNorm(), VecStrideGather(), VecStrideScatter(), VecStrideMin(), VecStrideMax(), VecStrideScale()

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