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Use the Sparse Approximate Inverse method of Grote and Barnard as a preconditioner (SIAM J. Sci. Comput.; vol 18, nr 3)

Options Database Keys

-pc_spai_epsilon <eps> - set tolerance
-pc_spai_nbstep <n> - set nbsteps
-pc_spai_max <m> - set max
-pc_spai_max_new <m> - set maxnew
-pc_spai_block_size <n> - set block size
-pc_spai_cache_size <n> - set cache size
-pc_spai_sp <m> - set sp
-pc_spai_set_verbose <true,false> - verbose output

Notes: This only works with AIJ matrices.

See Also

PCCreate(), PCSetType(), PCType (for list of available types), PC,
PCSPAISetEpsilon(), PCSPAISetMax(), PCSPAISetMaxNew(), PCSPAISetBlockSize(), PCSPAISetVerbose(), PCSPAISetSp()

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