petsc-3.7.7 2017-09-25
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set the maximum number of previous directions FCG will store for orthogonalization


#include "petscksp.h"  
PetscErrorCode KSPFCGSetMmax(KSP ksp,PetscInt mmax)
Note: mmax + 1 directions are stored (mmax previous ones along with a current one) and whether all are used in each iteration also depends on the truncation strategy (see KSPFCGSetTruncationType())

Logically Collective on KSP

Input Parameters

ksp - the Krylov space context
mmax - the maximum number of previous directions to orthogonalize againt

Options Database

-ksp_fcg_mmax <N> -

See Also

KSPFCG, KSPFCGGetTruncationType(), KSPFCGGetNprealloc()

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