petsc-3.7.7 2017-09-25
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get location of point field data in global Vec


#include "petscdmplex.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexGetPointGlobalField(DM dm, PetscInt point, PetscInt field, PetscInt *start, PetscInt *end)
Not Collective

Input Arguments

dm - DM defining the topological space
point - topological point
field - the field number

Output Arguments

start - start of point data; returns -(globalStart+1) if point is not owned
end - end of point data; returns -(globalEnd+1) if point is not owned

Note: This is a half open interval [start, end)

See Also

DMPlexGetPointGlobal(), DMGetDefaultSection(), PetscSectionGetOffset(), PetscSectionGetDof(), DMPlexPointGlobalRead(), DMPlexGetPointLocal(), DMPlexPointGlobalRead(), DMPlexPointGlobalRef()

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