petsc-3.7.7 2017-09-25
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Create a CSR graph of point connections for the partitioner


#include "petscdmplex.h"   
PetscErrorCode DMPlexCreatePartitionerGraph(DM dm, PetscInt height, PetscInt *numVertices, PetscInt **offsets, PetscInt **adjacency)

Input Parameters

dm - The mesh DM dm
height - Height of the strata from which to construct the graph

Output Parameter

numVertices - Number of vertices in the graph
offsets - Point offsets in the graph
adjacency -Point connectivity in the graph

The user can control the definition of adjacency for the mesh using DMPlexGetAdjacencyUseCone() and DMPlexSetAdjacencyUseClosure(). They should choose the combination appropriate for the function representation on the mesh.

See Also

PetscPartitionerGetType(), PetscPartitionerCreate(), DMPlexSetAdjacencyUseCone(), DMPlexSetAdjacencyUseClosure()

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