petsc-3.6.4 2016-04-12
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ODE solver using the LLNL CVODE/SUNDIALS package (now called SUNDIALS)

Options Database

-ts_sundials_type <bdf,adams>- . -ts_sundials_gramschmidt_type <modified, classical> - type of orthogonalization inside GMRES
-ts_sundials_atol <tol> - Absolute tolerance for convergence
-ts_sundials_rtol <tol> - Relative tolerance for convergence
-ts_sundials_linear_tolerance <tol>- . -ts_sundials_maxl <maxl> - Max dimension of the Krylov subspace
-ts_sundials_monitor_steps - Monitor SUNDIALS internel steps

Notes: This uses its own nonlinear solver and Krylov method so PETSc SNES and KSP options do not apply only PETSc PC options

See Also

TSCreate(), TS, TSSetType(), TSSundialsSetType(), TSSundialsSetMaxl(), TSSundialsSetLinearTolerance(),
TSSundialsSetGramSchmidtType(), TSSundialsSetTolerance(), TSSundialsGetPC(), TSSundialsGetIterations(), TSSetExactFinalTime()

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