petsc-3.6.4 2016-04-12
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Gets a viewer appropriate for the type indicated by the user


#include "petscsys.h"   
PetscErrorCode  PetscOptionsViewer_Private(PetscOptions *PetscOptionsObject,const char opt[],const char text[],const char man[],PetscViewer *viewer,PetscViewerFormat *format,PetscBool  *set)
Logically Collective on the communicator passed in PetscOptionsBegin()

Input Parameters

opt - option name
text - short string that describes the option
man - manual page with additional information on option

Output Parameter

viewer - the viewer
set - PETSC_TRUE if found, else PETSC_FALSE

Notes: Must be between a PetscOptionsBegin() and a PetscOptionsEnd()

See PetscOptionsGetViewer() for the format of the supplied viewer and its options

See Also

PetscOptionsGetViewer(), PetscOptionsHasName(), PetscOptionsGetString(), PetscOptionsGetInt(),
PetscOptionsGetIntArray(), PetscOptionsGetRealArray(), PetscOptionsBool() PetscOptionsInt(), PetscOptionsString(), PetscOptionsReal(), PetscOptionsBool(), PetscOptionsName(), PetscOptionsBegin(), PetscOptionsEnd(), PetscOptionsHead(), PetscOptionsStringArray(),PetscOptionsRealArray(), PetscOptionsScalar(), PetscOptionsBoolGroupBegin(), PetscOptionsBoolGroup(), PetscOptionsBoolGroupEnd(), PetscOptionsFList(), PetscOptionsEList()

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