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Newton based nonlinear solver that uses a trust region

Options Database

-snes_trtol <tol> Trust region tolerance- . -snes_tr_mu <mu>
-snes_tr_eta <eta>- . -snes_tr_sigma <sigma>
-snes_tr_delta0 <delta0> - initial size of the trust region is delta0*norm2(x)
-snes_tr_delta1 <delta1>- . -snes_tr_delta2 <delta2>
-snes_tr_delta3 <delta3>- The basic algorithm is taken from "The Minpack Project", by More', Sorensen, Garbow, Hillstrom, pages 88-111 of "Sources and Development of Mathematical Software", Wayne Cowell, editor.

See Also

SNESCreate(), SNES, SNESSetType(), SNESNEWTONLS, SNESSetTrustRegionTolerance()

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