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Secant search in the L2 norm of the function or the objective function if it is provided with SNESSetObjective(). The function norm is evaluated at points in [0, damping] to construct a polynomial fitting. This fitting is used to construct a new lambda based upon secant descent. The process is repeated on the new interval, [lambda, lambda_old], max_it - 1 times.

Options Database Keys

-snes_linesearch_max_it <maxit> - maximum number of iterations, default is 1
-snes_linesearch_maxstep <length> - the algorithm insures that a step length is never longer than this value
-snes_linesearch_damping <damping> - initial step is scaled back by this factor, default is 1.0
-snes_linesearch_minlambda <minlambda> - minimum allowable lambda


SNES, nonlinear, line search, norm, secant

See Also

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