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Critical point line search. This line search assumes that there exists some artificial G(x) for which the SNESFunction F(x) = grad G(x). Therefore, this line search seeks to find roots of dot(F, Y) via a secant method.

Options Database Keys

-snes_linesearch_minlambda <minlambda> - the minimum acceptable lambda
-snes_linesearch_maxstep <length> - the algorithm insures that a step length is never longer than this value
-snes_linesearch_damping <damping> - initial trial step length is scaled by this factor, default is 1.0
-snes_linesearch_max_it <max_it> - the maximum number of secant steps performed.


This method does NOT use the objective function if it is provided with SNESSetObjective().

This method is the preferred line search for SNESQN and SNESNCG.


SNES, SNESLineSearch, damping

See Also

SNESLineSearchCreate(), SNESLineSearchSetType()

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