petsc-3.6.4 2016-04-12
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Documentation: Changes

We will continually add new features and enhanced functionality in upcoming releases; small changes in usage and calling sequences of PETSc routines will continue to occur. Although keeping one's code accordingly up-to-date can be annoying, all PETSc users will be rewarded in the long run with a cleaner, better designed, and easier-to-use interface.

We suggest that users who want to upgrade their current PETSc application codes from a particular version to the most recent release proceed through the changes listed in this file in increasing order of version numbers. (Note: One can determine the release number of any current PETSc installation by looking in the file include/petscversion.h) Many of the interface changes can be handled quickly and easily by using global replacement via your favorite text editor. See the file documentation/codemanagement.html for some tips that we find helpful in keeping our own code up to date and that should be generally useful for effective code management.

Releases of PETSc:

We announce new PETSc releases on the petsc-announce mailing list.