petsc-3.5.4 2015-05-23
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Sets constraint tolerance parameters used in TAO convergence tests


#include "petsctao.h" 
PetscErrorCode TaoSetConstraintTolerances(Tao tao, PetscReal catol, PetscReal crtol)
Logically collective on Tao

Input Parameters

tao - the Tao context
catol - absolute constraint tolerance, constraint norm must be less than catol for used for fatol, gatol convergence criteria
crtol - relative contraint tolerance, constraint norm must be less than crtol for used for fatol, gatol, gttol convergence criteria

Options Database Keys

-tao_catol <catol> - Sets catol
-tao_crtol <crtol> - Sets crtol

See Also

TaoGetTolerances(), TaoGetConstraintTolerances(), TaoSetTolerances()

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