petsc-3.5.4 2015-05-23
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Returns the implicit Jacobian at the present timestep.


#include "petscts.h"  
PetscErrorCode  TSGetIJacobian(TS ts,Mat *Amat,Mat *Pmat,TSIJacobian *f,void **ctx)
Not Collective, but parallel objects are returned if TS is parallel

Input Parameter

ts -The TS context obtained from TSCreate()

Output Parameters

Amat - The (approximate) Jacobian of F(t,U,U_t)
Pmat - The matrix from which the preconditioner is constructed, often the same as Amat
f - The function to compute the matrices
ctx - User-defined context for Jacobian evaluation routine

Notes: You can pass in NULL for any return argument you do not need.

See Also

TSGetTimeStep(), TSGetRHSJacobian(), TSGetMatrices(), TSGetTime(), TSGetTimeStepNumber()


TS, timestep, get, matrix, Jacobian

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