petsc-3.5.4 2015-05-23
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Allocates 3 cleared (zeroed) arrays of memory, all aligned to PETSC_MEMALIGN


PetscErrorCode PetscCalloc3(size_t m1,type **r1,size_t m2,type **r2,size_t m3,type **r3)
Not Collective

Input Parameter

m1 - number of elements to allocate in 1st chunk (may be zero)
m2 - number of elements to allocate in 2nd chunk (may be zero)
m3 - number of elements to allocate in 3rd chunk (may be zero)

Output Parameter

r1 - memory allocated in first chunk
r2 - memory allocated in second chunk
r3 - memory allocated in third chunk

See Also

PetscFree(), PetscNew(), PetscMalloc(), PetscCalloc2(), PetscMalloc3(), PetscFree3()

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