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"cusparse" - A matrix type providing triangular solvers for seq matrices on a single GPU of type, seqaijcusparse, aijcusparse, or seqaijcusp, aijcusp. Currently supported algorithms are ILU(k) and ICC(k). Typically, deeper factorizations (larger k) results in poorer performance in the triangular solves. Full LU, and Cholesky decompositions can be solved through the CUSPARSE triangular solve algorithm. However, the performance can be quite poor and thus these algorithms are not recommended. This class does NOT support direct solver operations.

See Also

PCFactorSetMatSolverPackage(), MatSolverPackage, MatCreateSeqAIJCUSPARSE(), MATAIJCUSPARSE, MatCreateAIJCUSPARSE(), MatCUSPARSESetFormat(), MatCUSPARSEStorageFormat, MatCUSPARSEFormatOperation

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