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MATMPIAIJVIENNACL= "aijviennacl" = "mpiaijviennacl" - A matrix type to be used for sparse matrices. A matrix type (CSR format) whose data resides on GPUs. All matrix calculations are performed using the ViennaCL library.

This matrix type is identical to MATSEQAIJVIENNACL when constructed with a single process communicator, and MATMPIAIJVIENNACL otherwise. As a result, for single process communicators, MatSeqAIJSetPreallocation is supported, and similarly MatMPIAIJSetPreallocation is supported for communicators controlling multiple processes. It is recommended that you call both of the above preallocation routines for simplicity.

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.seealso: MatCreateAIJViennaCL(), MATSEQAIJVIENNACL, MatCreateSeqAIJVIENNACL()

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-mat_type mpiaijviennacl - sets the matrix type to "mpiaijviennacl" during a call to MatSetFromOptions()