petsc-3.4.5 2014-06-29


Creates a new PetscViewer (same type as the old) that lives on a subgroup of processors


#include "petscviewer.h" 
PetscErrorCode  PetscViewerGetSubcomm(PetscViewer viewer,MPI_Comm subcomm,PetscViewer *outviewer)
Collective on PetscViewer

Input Parameter

viewer - the PetscViewer to be duplicated
subcomm - MPI communicator

Output Parameter

outviewer -new PetscViewer

Notes: Call PetscViewerRestoreSubcomm() to return this PetscViewer, NOT PetscViewerDestroy()

This is used to view a sequential or a parallel object that is part of a larger parallel object. For example redundant PC view could use this to obtain a PetscViewer that is used within a subcommunicator on one duplicated preconditioner.

See Also

PetscViewerSocketOpen(), PetscViewerASCIIOpen(), PetscViewerDrawOpen(), PetscViewerRestoreSubcomm()

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