petsc-3.4.5 2014-06-29


Calls PetscObjectDereference() on an object in the list immediately but keeps a pointer to the object in the list.


PetscErrorCode  PetscObjectListRemoveReference(PetscObjectList *fl,const char name[])

Input Parameters

fl - the object list
name - the name to use for the object

Notes: Use PetscObjectListAdd(PetscObjectList,const char name[],NULL) to truly remove the object from the list

Use this routine ONLY if you know that the object referenced will remain in existence until the pointing object is destroyed

Developer Note: this is to handle some cases that otherwise would result in having circular references so reference counts never got to zero

See Also

PetscObjectListDestroy(), PetscObjectListFind(), PetscObjectListDuplicate(), PetscObjectListReverseFind(), PetscObjectListDuplicate(), PetscObjectListAdd()

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