petsc-3.4.5 2014-06-29


Performs in-place ILU factorization of matrix.


#include "petscmat.h" 
PetscErrorCode  MatILUFactor(Mat mat,IS row,IS col,const MatFactorInfo *info)
Collective on Mat

Input Parameters

mat - the matrix
row - row permutation
col - column permutation
info - structure containing
     levels - number of levels of fill.
     expected fill - as ratio of original fill.
     1 or 0 - indicating force fill on diagonal (improves robustness for matrices
missing diagonal entries)


Probably really in-place only when level of fill is zero, otherwise allocates new space to store factored matrix and deletes previous memory.

Most users should employ the simplified KSP interface for linear solvers instead of working directly with matrix algebra routines such as this. See, e.g., KSPCreate().

See Also

MatILUFactorSymbolic(), MatLUFactorNumeric(), MatCholeskyFactor(), MatFactorInfo

Developer Note: fortran interface is not autogenerated as the f90 interface defintion cannot be generated correctly [due to MatFactorInfo]

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