petsc-3.4.5 2014-06-29


Retrieve an array containing all indices across the communicator.


#include "petscis.h" 
PetscErrorCode ISGetTotalIndices(IS is, const PetscInt *indices[])
Collective on IS

Input Parameter

is -the index set

Output Parameter

indices -total indices with rank 0 indices first, and so on; total array size is the same as returned with ISGetSize().

Notes: this is potentially nonscalable, but depends on the size of the total index set and the size of the communicator. This may be feasible for index sets defined on subcommunicators, such that the set size does not grow with PETSC_WORLD_COMM. Note also that there is no way to tell where the local part of the indices starts (use ISGetIndices() and ISGetNonlocalIndices() to retrieve just the local and just the nonlocal part (complement), respectively).

See Also

ISRestoreTotalIndices(), ISGetNonlocalIndices(), ISGetSize()

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