petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


gets the upper and lower bounds to be used in plotting set with PetscViewerDrawSetBounds()


#include "petscdraw.h" 
PetscErrorCode  PetscViewerDrawGetBounds(PetscViewer viewer,PetscInt *nbounds,const PetscReal **bounds)
Collective on PetscViewer

Input Parameter

viewer -the PetscViewer (created with PetscViewerDrawOpen())

Output Paramters

nbounds - number of plots that can be made with this viewer, for example the dof passed to DMDACreate()
bounds - the actual bounds, the size of this is 2*nbounds, the values are stored in the order min F_0, max F_0, min F_1, max F_1, .....

See Also

PetscViewerDrawGetLG(), PetscViewerDrawGetAxis(), PetscViewerDrawOpen()

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