petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


Newton based nonlinear solver that uses a line search

Options Database

-snes_linesearch_type<bt> - bt,basic. Select line search type
-snes_linesearch_order <3> - 2, 3. Selects the order of the line search for bt
-snes_linesearch_norms<true> - Turns on/off computation of the norms for basic linesearch
-snes_linesearch_alpha<alpha> - Sets alpha used in determining if reduction in function norm is sufficient
-snes_linesearch_maxstep<maxstep> - Sets the maximum stepsize the line search will use (if the 2-norm(y) > maxstep then scale y to be y = (maxstep/2-norm(y)) *y)
-snes_linesearch_minlambda<minlambda> - Sets the minimum lambda the line search will tolerate
-snes_linesearch_monitor - print information about progress of line searches
-snes_linesearch_damping - damping factor used for basic line search

Notes: This is the default nonlinear solver in SNES

See Also

SNESCreate(), SNES, SNESSetType(), SNESTR, SNESQN, SNESLineSearchSetType(), SNESLineSearchSetOrder()
SNESLineSearchSetPostCheck(), SNESLineSearchSetPreCheck() SNESLineSearchSetComputeNorms()

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