petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


(S)SOR (successive over relaxation, Gauss-Seidel) preconditioning

Options Database Keys

-pc_sor_symmetric - Activates symmetric version
-pc_sor_backward - Activates backward version
-pc_sor_forward - Activates forward version
-pc_sor_local_forward - Activates local forward version
-pc_sor_local_symmetric - Activates local symmetric version (default version)
-pc_sor_local_backward - Activates local backward version
-pc_sor_omega <omega> - Sets omega
-pc_sor_its <its> - Sets number of iterations (default 1)
-pc_sor_lits <lits> - Sets number of local iterations (default 1)

Notes: Only implemented for the AIJ and SeqBAIJ matrix formats. Not a true parallel SOR, in parallel this implementation corresponds to block Jacobi with SOR on each block.

For SeqBAIJ matrices this implements point-block SOR, but the omega, its, lits options are not supported.

See Also

PCCreate(), PCSetType(), PCType (for list of available types), PC,
PCSORSetIterations(), PCSORSetSymmetric(), PCSORSetOmega(), PCEISENSTAT

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