petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


Runs a preconditioner for a single process matrix across several MPI processes
    This will usually be run with -pc_type hmpi -ksp_type preonly
    solver options are set with -hmpi_ksp_... and -hmpi_pc_... for example
    -hmpi_ksp_type cg would use cg as the Krylov method or -hmpi_ksp_monitor or
    -hmpi_pc_type hypre -hmpi_pc_hypre_type boomeramg

Always run with -ksp_view (or -snes_view) to see what solver is actually being used.

Currently the solver options INSIDE the HMPI preconditioner can ONLY be set via the options database.

See PetscHMPIMerge() and PetscHMPISpawn() for two ways to start up MPI for use with this preconditioner

See Also

PCCreate(), PCSetType(), PCType (for list of available types)

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