petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


Tells the system to do an in-place factorization. For dense matrices, this enables the solution of much larger problems. For sparse matrices the factorization cannot be done truly in-place so this does not save memory during the factorization, but after the matrix is factored, the original unfactored matrix is freed, thus recovering that space.


#include "petscpc.h" 
PetscErrorCode  PCFactorSetUseInPlace(PC pc)
Logically Collective on PC

Input Parameters

pc -the preconditioner context

Options Database Key

-pc_factor_in_place -Activates in-place factorization


PCFactorSetUseInplace() can only be used with the KSP method KSPPREONLY or when a different matrix is provided for the multiply and the preconditioner in a call to KSPSetOperators(). This is because the Krylov space methods require an application of the matrix multiplication, which is not possible here because the matrix has been factored in-place, replacing the original matrix.


PC, set, factorization, direct, inplace, in-place, LU

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