petsc-3.3-p7 2013-05-11


"cholmod" - A matrix type providing direct solvers (Cholesky) for sequential matrices via the external package CHOLMOD. ./configure --download-cholmod to install PETSc to use CHOLMOD

Consult CHOLMOD documentation for more information about the Common parameters which correspond to the options database keys below.

Options Database Keys

-mat_cholmod_dbound <0> - Minimum absolute value of diagonal entries of D (None)
-mat_cholmod_grow0 <1.2> - Global growth ratio when factors are modified (None)
-mat_cholmod_grow1 <1.2> - Column growth ratio when factors are modified (None)
-mat_cholmod_grow2 <5> - Affine column growth constant when factors are modified (None)
-mat_cholmod_maxrank <8> - Max rank of update, larger values are faster but use more memory [2,4,8] (None)
-mat_cholmod_factor <AUTO> - (choose one of) SIMPLICIAL AUTO SUPERNODAL
-mat_cholmod_supernodal_switch <40> - flop/nnz_L threshold for switching to supernodal factorization (None)
-mat_cholmod_final_asis <TRUE> - Leave factors "as is" (None)
-mat_cholmod_final_pack <TRUE> - Pack the columns when finished (use FALSE if the factors will be updated later) (None)
-mat_cholmod_zrelax <0.8> - 3 real supernodal relaxed amalgamation parameters (None)
-mat_cholmod_nrelax <4> - 3 size_t supernodal relaxed amalgamation parameters (None)
-mat_cholmod_prefer_upper <TRUE> - Work with upper triangular form (faster when using fill-reducing ordering, slower in natural ordering) (None)
-mat_cholmod_print <3> - Verbosity level (None)

See Also

PCCHOLESKY, PCFactorSetMatSolverPackage(), MatSolverPackage

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