The PETSc version of vsnprintf(). Ensures that all %g formatted arguments’ output contains the decimal point (which is used by the test harness)


PetscErrorCode PetscVSNPrintf(char *str, size_t len, const char *format, size_t *fullLength, va_list Argp)

Input Parameters#

  • str - location to put result

  • len - the length of str

  • format - the PETSc format string

Output Parameter#

  • fullLength - the amount of space in str actually used.

Developer Note#

This function may be called from an error handler, if an error occurs when it is called by the error handler than likely a recursion will occur resulting in a crash of the program.

If the length of the format string format is on the order of PETSCDEFAULTBUFFERSIZE (8 * 1024 bytes) or larger, this function will call PetscMalloc()

See Also#

PetscFormatConvert(), PetscFormatConvertGetSize(), PetscVSNPrintf(), PetscErrorPrintf(), PetscVPrintf()





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