Queries a PetscObject for a method added with PetscObjectComposeFunction(), if it exists then calls it, otherwise generates an error.


#include "petsc/private/petscimpl.h"
PetscUseMethod(PetscObject obj, const char *name, (arg_types), (arg_value))

Input Parameters#

  • obj - the object, for example a Mat, that does not need to be cast to PetscObject

  • name - the name of the method, for example, “KSPGMRESSetRestart_C” for the function KSPGMRESSetRestart()

  • arg_types - the argument types for the method, for example, (KSP,PetscInt)

  • args - the arguments for the method, for example, (ksp,restart))


This does not return an error code, it is a macro that returns with an error code on error.

Use PetscUseTypeMethod() or PetscTryTypeMethod() to call functions that are included in the objects function table, the ops array in the object.

See Also#

PetscTryMethod(), PetscCall(), PetscUseTypeMethod(), PetscTryTypeMethod(), PetscCheck(), PetscObject





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