Sends an SMS to an American/Canadian phone number


PetscErrorCode PetscTellMyCell(MPI_Comm comm, const char number[], const char message[], PetscBool *flg)

Not Collective, only the first process in MPI_Comm does anything

Input Parameters#

  • comm - the MPI communicator

  • number - the 10 digit telephone number

  • message - the message

Output Parameter#

Options Database Keys#

  • -tellmycell <number[,message]> - send a message to the give number when the program ends

  • -tellmycell_user - this value is created when registering at

  • -tellmycell_password - this value is created when registering at


You must register for an account at (you get 10 free texts with registration)

You must provide -tellmycell_user <Username> and -tellmycell_password <Password> in the options database

It would be nice to provide this as a free service but that would require making the PETSc TellMyCell password public.

Developer Note#

Perhaps the Username and Password should be arguments to this function.

See Also#

PetscTextBelt(), PetscHTTPSRequest(), PetscHTTPSConnect(), PetscSSLInitializeContext()





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