Pops a function name from the PETSc default stack that tracks where the running program is currently in the source code.


#include <petscsys.h>
void PetscStackPopNoCheck(char *funct);

Not Collective

Input Parameter#

  • funct - the function name


Using PetscCall(), PetscCallExternal(), PetscCallBack() and friends negates the need to call this

In debug mode PETSc maintains a stack of the current function calls that can be used to help to quickly see where a problem has occurred, for example, when a signal is received. It is recommended to use the debugger if extensive information is needed to help debug the problem.

The default stack is a global variable called petscstack.

Developer Note#

PetscStackPopNoCheck() takes a function argument while PetscStackPop does not, this difference is likely just historical.

See Also#

PetscAttachDebugger(), PetscStackCopy(), PetscStackView(), PetscStackPushNoCheck(), PetscStackPop





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