Gets an array of Logical (true or false) values for a particular option in the database. The values must be separated with commas with no intervening spaces.


#include "petscsys.h"   
PetscErrorCode PetscOptionsGetBoolArray(PetscOptions options, const char pre[], const char name[], PetscBool dvalue[], PetscInt *nmax, PetscBool *set)

Not Collective

Input Parameters#

  • options - options database, use NULL for default global database

  • pre - string to prepend to each name or NULL

  • name - the option one is seeking

Output Parameters#

  • dvalue - the integer values to return

  • nmax - On input maximum number of values to retrieve, on output the actual number of values retrieved

  • set - PETSC_TRUE if found, else PETSC_FALSE


TRUE, true, YES, yes, nostring, and 1 all translate to PETSC_TRUE. FALSE, false, NO, no, and 0 all translate to PETSC_FALSE

See Also#

PetscOptionsGetInt(), PetscOptionsHasName(), PetscOptionsGetString(), PetscOptionsGetRealArray(), PetscOptionsBool(), PetscOptionsName(), PetscOptionsBegin(), PetscOptionsEnd(), PetscOptionsHeadBegin(), PetscOptionsStringArray(), PetscOptionsRealArray(), PetscOptionsScalar(), PetscOptionsBoolGroupBegin(), PetscOptionsBoolGroup(), PetscOptionsBoolGroupEnd(), PetscOptionsFList(), PetscOptionsEList()





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