Creates a MATLAB engine object


#include "petscmatlab.h"  
PetscErrorCode PetscMatlabEngineCreate(MPI_Comm comm, const char host[], PetscMatlabEngine *mengine)

Not Collective

Input Parameters#

  • comm - a separate MATLAB engine is started for each process in the communicator

  • host - name of machine where MATLAB engine is to be run (usually NULL)

Output Parameter#

  • mengine - the resulting object

Options Database Keys#

  • -matlab_engine_graphics - allow the MATLAB engine to display graphics

  • -matlab_engine_host - hostname, machine to run the MATLAB engine on

  • -info - print out all requests to MATLAB and all if its responses (for debugging)


If a host string is passed in, any MATLAB scripts that need to run in the engine must be available via MATLABPATH on that machine.

One must ./configure PETSc with --with-matlab [-with-matlab-dir=matlab_root_directory] to use this capability

See Also#

PetscMatlabEngineDestroy(), PetscMatlabEnginePut(), PetscMatlabEngineGet(), PetscMatlabEngineEvaluate(), PetscMatlabEngineGetOutput(), PetscMatlabEnginePrintOutput(), PETSC_MATLAB_ENGINE_(), PetscMatlabEnginePutArray(), PetscMatlabEngineGetArray(), PetscMatlabEngine





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