Allocate and optionally clear one or more memory locations, possibly using coalesced malloc


#include "petscsys.h"   
PetscErrorCode PetscMallocA(int n, PetscBool clear, int lineno, const char *function, const char *filename, size_t bytes0, void *ptr0, ...)

Not Collective

Input Parameters#

  • n - number of objects to allocate (at least 1)

  • clear - use calloc() to allocate space initialized to zero

  • lineno - line number to attribute allocation (typically __LINE__)

  • function - function to attribute allocation (typically PETSC_FUNCTION_NAME)

  • filename - file name to attribute allocation (typically __FILE__)

  • bytes0 - first of n object sizes

Output Parameter#

  • ptr0 - first of n pointers to allocate


This function is not normally called directly by users, but rather via the macros PetscMalloc1(), PetscMalloc2(), or PetscCalloc1(), etc.

See Also#

PetscMallocAlign(), PetscMallocSet(), PetscMalloc1(), PetscMalloc2(), PetscMalloc3(), PetscMalloc4(), PetscMalloc5(), PetscMalloc6(), PetscMalloc7(), PetscCalloc1(), PetscCalloc2(), PetscCalloc3(), PetscCalloc4(), PetscCalloc5(), PetscCalloc6(), PetscCalloc7(), PetscFreeA()





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