Error handler that uses the emacsclient program to load the file where the error occurred. Then calls the “previous” error handler.


#include "petscsys.h" 
PetscErrorCode PetscEmacsClientErrorHandler(MPI_Comm comm, int line, const char *fun, const char *file, PetscErrorCode n, PetscErrorType p, const char *mess, void *ctx)

Not Collective

Input Parameters#

  • comm - communicator over which error occurred

  • line - the line number of the error (indicated by LINE)

  • file - the file in which the error was detected (indicated by FILE)

  • mess - an error text string, usually just printed to the screen

  • n - the generic error number

  • p - specific error number

  • ctx - error handler context

Options Database Key#

  • -on_error_emacs - will contact machinename to open the Emacs client there


You must put (server-start) in your .emacs file for the emacsclient software to work

Developer Note#

Since this is an error handler it cannot call PetscCall(); thus we just return if an error is detected. But some of the functions it calls do perform error checking that may not be appropriate in a error handler call.

See Also#

PetscError(), PetscPushErrorHandler(), PetscPopErrorHandler(), PetscAttachDebuggerErrorHandler(), PetscAbortErrorHandler(), PetscMPIAbortErrorHandler(), PetscTraceBackErrorHandler(), PetscReturnErrorHandler()





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