simple portable reimplementation of basic Unix drand48() random number generator that should generate the exact same random numbers on any system.

Options Database Keys#

  • -random_type <rand,rand48,rander48,sprng> - select the random number generator at runtime


This is the default random number generate provided by PetscRandomCreate() if you do not set a particular implementation.

Each PetscRandom object created with this type has its own seed and its own history, so multiple PetscRandom objects of this type will not interfere with random numbers generated by other objects. Each PETSc object of this type will produce the exact same set of random numbers so if you wish different PetscRandom objects of this type set different seeds for each one after you create them with PetscRandomSetSeed() followed by PetscRandomSeed().

See Also#

PetscRandomCreate(), PetscRandomSetType(), PETSCRAND, PETSCRAND48, PETSCRANDER48, PETSCSPRNG, PetscRandomSetSeed(), PetscRandomSeed(), PetscRandomSetFromOptions()





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