Alternative: Obtain Release Version with Tarball#

Tarball which contains only the source. Documentation available online.

Tarball which includes all documentation, recommended for offline use.

Tarball to enable a separate installation of petsc4py.

To extract the sources use:

$ tar xf petsc-<version number>.tar.gz

Use mirror if GitLab and our primary download server are unavailable:


Older releases of PETSc are also available above. These should only be used for applications that have not been updated to the latest release. We urge you, whenever possible, to upgrade to the latest version of PETSc.

Advanced: Obtain PETSc Development Version With Git#

Improvements and new features get added to main branch of PETSc git repository. To obtain development sources, use:

$ git clone petsc

or if you already have a local clone of petsc git repository

$ git checkout main
$ git pull

More details on contributing to PETSc development are at Contributing to PETSc. The development version of the documentation, which is largely the same as the release documentation is available.