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"forest" - A DM object that encapsulates a hierarchically refined mesh. Forests usually have a base DM (see DMForestGetBaseDM()), from which it is refined. The refinement and partitioning of forests is considered immutable after DMSetUp() is called. To adapt a mesh, one should call DMForestTemplate() to create a new mesh that will default to being identical to it, specify how that mesh should differ, and then calling DMSetUp() on the new mesh. To specify that a mesh should be refined or coarsened from the previous mesh, a label should be defined on the previous mesh whose values indicate which cells should be refined (DM_ADAPT_REFINE) or coarsened (DM_ADAPT_COARSEN) and how (subtypes are free to allow additional values for things like anisotropic refinement). The label should be given to the *new* mesh with DMForestSetAdaptivityLabel().

See Also

DMType, DMCreate(), DMSetType(), DMForestGetBaseDM(), DMForestSetBaseDM(), DMForestTemplate(), DMForestSetAdaptivityLabel()







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